2015 A New Chapter for the Family

Happy New Year to one and all… Yes, we are almost a month into 2015 but with the Xmas decorations now banished to the attic for another year it’s time to motor on into the future, a blank canvas full of promise. I hope the memories of 2014 will reflect treasured times and moments in chapters of your life that will live onwards for many year to come.

2014 for me was momentous; I married my lovely wife, have had the trip of a lifetime on our honeymoon, concreted my path for the future and now feel firmly set on my way.

Capturing momentous times is a pleasure which I enjoy and honing my creative skills using vibrant subject matter resonates in my work. Some of this year’s assignments especially those in the homes of my clients have bolstered my belief in both photographic craftsmanship and family life.

ANNA & LEE – November 2014 , Bath

I love working in nature so being in the natural habitat of my subjects makes sense; the client is more relaxed, the props fall naturally to hand and the backdrop is their treasured home, all great elements. Each family has its uniqueness, with Anna and Lee I had a broad spectrum of ages to work with and a recently engaged couple; modern family life ever changing ever colourful.

Over an enjoyable two hour period we moved through the main living areas and garden in their lovely home finally coming to rest in its heart, the kitchen, for tea. The family dynamic here worked really beautifully.

Ribbet collage 1

The need for posing and staging is much reduced, and being at home means some gems like favourite pets, meaningful possessions or special places can add to the elements of an image wonderfully; an ingredient that no contrived studio setup could manifest.

I work to record an essence that captures that moment in time.

You can see more of Anna & Lee’s photographs at the gallery page here

IAN & NESS – December 2014, Bristol

With Ian and Ness and their young daughters as well as romping through the house a stroll to the nearby park gave some great natural ‘family time’ shots….I enjoyed the freedom to move amongst them using my love of natural light and form to portray my subject at its natural best.

Ribbet collage 2

“Jamie made us all feel very relaxed during the photo taking.  It was great that he came to our house, as its somewhere where we feel really comfortable.  We were absolutely delighted with the results.” (Ian & Ness)

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