Images that stimulate the senses not just the eyes

“We want you to capture the essence of the market, its distinct character, the stallholders, their wares and the eclectic mix of visitors.”

So, that was the brief from the Frome Independent team and right up my street. Simply capturing an image, a moment in time, is relatively simple. After all isn’t everyone a photographer these days what with high quality camera phones, Photoshop, Instagram etc.

Capturing the essence of the subject matter takes a great deal more skill and a creative approach that shines through in the finished product. As a stallholder myself I knew what appealed to me about the Frome Independent Market. It’s the noise, smells, hustle and bustle, the ability to touch and feel, and of course the rich diversity of stallholders and visitors.

Of course it also helps that the weather was kind to us for  market in April, and with so much going on around the event I thought I’d just give you a taste (forgive the unintentional pun!) of just one element – the wonderful array of food stalls that entice visitors from far and wide to our delightful little town.


Ribbet collage


A well-known adage amongst chefs is that we eat with our eyes. But I like to think that great food photography also stimulates your olfactics (ok nasal passages) and teases the taste buds.

I wanted to get across the enormous energy you experience as you weave among the stalls. The wonderful wafts of steam from the hot food vendors with their global cuisines, the textures and colours of the diverse range of artisan pastries, pies, salads and wraps, the meats and veggies grown locally by passionate smallholders and of course, the energy boosting quality chocolate and coffee peddlers that know their craft inside out.




That’s what people come to the market for. They engage with the stallholders, it’s not just about buying something to eat, it’s about the enthusiasm you feel from the individuals who live and breathe their artisan businesses.




The strapline ‘We are more than a market’ really sums it up for me and I hope I captured that and answered the brief. You decide, visit the website for a snapshot, and if you haven’t been already, I hope this whets your appetite and we’ll see you here soon.




Thanks for stopping by.